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Easy Summer Tips to stay Healthy during Summer

Summer in Oviedo and Winter Springs, FL is full of fun in the sun. This summer you may be planning on hitting the beach, gardening or just looking forward to participating in sports activities. Now that summer is in full swing, the heat isn’t the only thing you have to worry about!  Dr. Ressler, Oviedo and Winter Springs chiropractor says, "This time of year usually brings an increased amount of physical activity which unfortunately can lead to an increased amount of injury." 

Whether you’re just planting a tree or trying surfing for the first time here are some tips to keep you safe during summer fun:


  • Make sure to use both arms when performing activities such as raking, gardening, etc.
  •   Try to keep all work below shoulder level and above knees. Try to work a max of 5 minutes above shoulder level.
  •   Drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks.
  •   Lift with your legs and not your back! (Bend at knees) Position whatever you are lifting close to your body to maintain a center of gravity.


Dr. Ressler, chiropractor in Oviedo and Winter Springs, FL advises his patients that, "Working through the pain is never recommended and could make a minor injury severe. " 

Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center hopes you have a safe and fun summer, but if you do get injured don’t hesitate to call 407-977-5005. 

Looking for a "chiropractor near me" so you don’t spend your summer inside in pain?Call 407-977-5005 and schedule an appointment today!