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Common Auto Accident Injuries and Treatment with Chiropractic Care

man has a neck injury after a car accident in Oviedo, FL

Common Auto Accident Injuries and Treatment in Oviedo

Getting into an auto accident can be hard on your body, leading to injuries that may cause discomfort for years to come. Sometimes the injuries you suffer are obvious, while other times more serious complications may go undiscovered for weeks or months. As your chiropractor in Oviedo, we urge you to come in for an appointment if you have been in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident.

The Importance of an Examination for Health Insurance

It is important to have a thorough examination for health insurance purposes. A new state law requires the patient to be seen within 14 days of the accident. If you fail to be seen you will lose all your medical insurance benefits. This ensures we can deliver the treatment you need for all your injuries, including the ones you may be unaware of.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

No matter how well your car protects you in an accident, there are some facts you cannot escape. Your vehicle is heavy and moving at speeds that, when combined with your vehicle’s mass in an accident, will inevitably damage portions of your body. Even minor fender benders can generate a substantial amount of energy that will leave you hurt.

Some of the most common auto accident injuries we treat include:

Neck Injuries

Whiplash and other neck injuries are some of the most common injuries people suffer in auto accidents, for obvious reasons. The neck is flexible and relatively unsupported in a vehicle. When the body is thrown around after an impact, the head serves as a heavy weight at the end of the neck, moving violently and often injuring muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs.

Back Injuries

While the neck is the most easily injured in an accident, the back comes in a close second. The force of an accident can cause twisting, compression and other forces that can lead to destruction of soft tissues, discs, nerves and bone.

Injuries to the Extremities

The arms, TMJ, legs, knees, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles can all be injured in a car accident. Injuries can range from mild sprains, to dislocations and breaks.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

The pain and loss of mobility that follows an auto accident can make life extremely difficult, but we want you to know that chiropractic care and associated treatments can help significantly. Some of the treatments we offer for auto accident injuries include:

Chiropractic Adjustments

The impact of a car accident will almost always cause rotation and misalignment of the joints in the spine and extremities. Adjustments are a safe way to gently return alignment, which is often the first step towards injury recovery.

Massage Therapy

When your spine becomes misaligned and pressure is put on your nerves, the muscles in your body will often seize to protect you. This protection mechanism is like a brace being placed around the injured area. The muscles are preventing you from hurting yourself more, trigger points and scar tissue can occur over time. Massage allows us to break up scar tissue and relax muscles which will relieve pain and aid increase range of motion.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is designed to strengthen and support the injured area, including herniations or bulging discs. It promotes flexibility and increases range of motion. Specific exercises will be incorporated into your care plan to give you maximum recovery from your accident.

Is There a Chiropractor Near Me in Oviedo for Auto Injury Care?

Yes! Oviedo Injury & Wellness Center is your source for chiropractic care in the area.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact us at (407) 977-5005 to schedule an appointment. Let us use our knowledge, experience and training to help you heal.