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Fun Alternatives for Easter Treats!!!!

Fun Alternatives for Easter Treats!!!!

The Easter bunny visits during the Spring season equipped with an Easter basket packed full of chocolate and candies. Children of all ages look forward to this delectable gift. Parents know that the Easter bunny tends to be a very busy bee and may rely on a pre-made basket. Colorful off-the-shelf baskets found at local grocery stores containing many candy options may seem like the go-to for your children. However, it’s best to keep in mind that the traditional Easter candy inside is loaded with tons of sugar. Don’t allow the ease of a store-bought Easter basket to deter you from taking a healthier approach. Easter 2022 is a great year to try a healthy spin on this wonderful family holiday. Incorporating health into Easter traditions is actually easier than it seems. For instance, a homemade basket can be made using much healthier alternatives to commonly used sugary candy.

Some great substitutions for Easter candy are:

Dehydrated, chocolate covered and fresh fruit 

Organic fruit snacks, jelly beans and lollipops

Dark chocolate 

Gluten free cookies

Finding these options takes little effort. Grocery stores such as Fresh Market, Publix, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts tend to stock them regularly. Now that you have a healthy inspired shopping list of Easter candy alternatives, it’s time to consider other healthy things to do for Easter.  Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun and a great way to get physical activity. Instead of focusing on the hiding spots for the eggs alone, add in fun activities that need to be performed to get a treat.  Create tasks such as five jumping bunny jacks or ten toe touches in order to receive a clue to where the egg is hidden. This is a good way to add in additional activity and create an exciting egg hunt.

Don’t forget to stick to your chiropractic care routine! 

It is not only important for you to stay pain free while you enjoy an active pastime with your family, but your kiddos benefit as well. Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor treats children of all ages. Oviedo’s top chiropractor, Dr. Ressler uses the activator technique to adjust his patients. The activator technique is a precise and gentle chiropractic care approach. This is because the technique uses a special spring-loaded instrument called the “activator.” The device is designed to only treat the specific joint out of place. It sends a gentle impulse into the joint and moves it into proper position. The innovative technique allows Dr. Ressler to correct the misalignment without the excess force of twisting or cracking. The method is ideal to patients of all ages because it is not intimidating like a typical manual adjustment.

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The atmosphere of Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center’s office is warm and inviting. Dr. Ressler and his compassionate staff are here to make you and your youngsters feel comfortable during your visit. Enjoy an Easter filled with health and wellness by scheduling your adjustment at our Oviedo chiropractic office. Simply, call 407-977-5005 or click here to schedule your appointment today!