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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

   Mother’s Day Gifts!!!

Mother’s put the needs of their children before their own. They often take care of the entire family without giving themselves the self-care they deserve. Are you looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center is here to help you pamper your mom with these awesome gift ideas!

Give the gift of stress reduction, relaxation, and pain relief with a massage!

Did you know that massage only appointments are available at Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center? Your mom doesn’t need to be a current patient of Dr. Ressler’s to experience all the benefits of massage therapy in our office. Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center’s medical massage therapists are board-certified and have over 50 years of experience. Every massage at Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center is tailored to a patient’s specific needs or injuries. If you are looking for a gift that shows mom all your appreciation, a one-hour massage therapy gift certificate is the perfect option.

1-hour Mother’s Day massage gift certificates are now available for only $75!!!

Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center offers massage gift certificates for sports massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage and many more. Call 407-977-5005 for more details on how OIWC creates a custom massage for our patients.


Want to take your mom’s gift of wellness to the next level? A chiropractic adjustment compliments and makes a fantastic addition to a 1-hour massage!

Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler uses the activator technique to treat his patients. The activator technique involves a special spring-loaded instrument called an “activator.” This gentle and effective chiropractic technique is more precise than the commonly known manual adjustment. This is because the activator device corrects only the joints that are out of alignment. Pain and discomfort are often felt from a joint out of alignment. This is due to the pressure that is put on the nerve roots from the misaligned joint. The device sends a gentle impulse into the joint to move it off the nerve and back into proper position. No cracking or twisting of the neck or low back is involved! The activator method has no side-effects and is pain free. Has your mom been injured in an auto accident? Does your mom suffer from specific health conditions? Are you not sure if the activator technique will help treat your mom’s injuries or condition? Rest assured! Injuries from auto accidents, sciatica, carpal tunnel, headaches, neck, and low back pain, plus so many more can all be treated with the activator technique. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to alleviate your mom’s pain, then Oviedo’s premiere chiropractor, Dr. Ressler’s activator technique is a wonderful choice!


Create a customized gift of wellness this Mother’s Day! Chiropractic and massage gift certificate are now available! 

Call 407-977-5005 

Your mom has given you so much love and care over the years!! Massage and chiropractic care are important part of improving quality of life and wellness. Especially for the people you love and want to stay healthy. This Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to spoil her with a gift that will keep her feeling happy and around for a long time!!!  


HURRY! Appointments are limited!! Call 407-977-5005 to schedule your custom Mother’s Day appointment today!