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  • How Chiropractic Care and Backpack Safety can Boost Your Child’s Concentration in School
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How Chiropractic Care and Backpack Safety can Boost Your Child’s Concentration in School

Back to School!
How Chiropractic Care and Backpack Safety can Boost Your Child’s Concentration in School

It is critical that children are able to give their full attention in school in order to learn effectively. Aches, strain, discomfort, and pain can make it hard for a child to focus or concentrate on the lesson. Even a dull or mild discomfort can cause distraction and issues with attentiveness. Injuries sustained from the playground or from sports are typical culprits of pain. These types of injuries are usually apparent and do not go unnoticed. Sports or playground injuries also are more likely receive some form of treatment promptly. However, there may be a more common and less obvious origin of pain to look out for. Unfortunately, this offender is a necessity when it comes to going to school. An improper backpack could be causing pain that is disrupting your child’s concentration. 

Backpacks were created to organize and carry schoolbooks and supplies. Because school lockers have been removed due to security reasons, students need to carry their books all day long. This causes a backpack that is too heavy and/or is worn incorrectly could be the number one source of your child’s pain. An overly hefty backpack worn improperly causes the body to lean forward. This is done in effort to compensate for the imbalance of weight. Otherwise, it would cause you to fall backwards in favor of where the load is placed. This extreme forward posture can lead to headaches, backaches, shoulder pain and numbness/tingling into the arms. These issues may go undetected. This is because children may not know how to communicate the discomfort they are feeling and continue to wear the backpack improperly. If the source of the pain is not properly treated, it can lead to long-term issues. Without correction of the ergonomics, muscles in the neck, abdominals and back will weaken. Over time, these muscles will form into permanent deficient positions.



Selecting a proper backpack is the first line of defense in prevention of pain. First, look for a backpack that has substantial shoulder padding. Shoulder straps should be wide, large, and well cushioned. Unpadded straps can cause pain in the shoulders, restrict circulation, as well as numbness and/or tingling in the neck and arms. It is also important to ensure that your child is using both shoulder straps when wearing the backpack. This will distribute the weight evenly. Additionally, proper placement of the pack is crucial. The bottom of the pack should rest in the curve of the lower back. If it is worn too low, it will add excess pressure and pull down the shoulders. In order to prevent this, ensure that the backpack is no lower than four inches below the child’s waistline.

Second, make sure to load the backpack properly. Not sure how? It’s as easy as 1…2…3….

Here are the 3 essential steps to load a backpack properly:

  1.   Load heaviest items first closest to the child’s back to maintain their center of gravity.
  2.  Pack items neatly and organized to keep books and materials from sliding around in the pack. This will prevent the weight from shifting to one side.
  3.  Pack only what is needed for that day! Avoiding unnecessary items reduces the weight of the backpack. If your child is required to bring all supplies every day, then it might be a desirable choice to invest in a rolling backpack. Although, it is important to note that rolling backpacks still must be carried up and down stairs.

Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor, has a full detailed guide on backpack safety. Start the school year off strong with a proper backpack!  For more information on backpack safety, click here.

Don’t forget about staying active with exercise!

Exercising=Strong Muscles=Pain Prevention

It is always a good rule of thumb to encourage children to exercise to strengthen their muscles! Strong muscles will help children to carry their supplies with more ease and prevent pain. In addition to pain prevention, exercise also has been shown to have cogitative benefits and may help boost academic performance. According to a WebMD article, “Active children do better in class and on tests because exercise seems to lead to larger brain volumes in areas associated with memory and thinking functions, such as behavior and decision-making. Active kids also appear to have better concentration and longer attention spans.” (Julie Davis, “Exercise boosts kids’ brain health, too” https://www.webmd.com/children/newsHealthDay 1/5/2018)


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Call your Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler to schedule your back-to-school spinal wellness check up!

An effective way to prevent potential pain is to get a back-to-school chiropractic check-up. Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler performs a customized comprehensive exam to look for issues that may become a problem. Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler restores joint function which relieves the pressure on the nerve roots by using the “activator method.” The method incorporates a state-of-the-art instrument called an “activator.” The activator uses a spring-loaded action to send a gentle force into the joint to move it back into correct position. It is low force and non-twisting, which makes it an ideal chiropractic technique for children of all ages. It is important that you identify the source of your child’s pain. Remember: children may not know how to communicate that they are in pain. Whether it is related to an injury or incorrect posture, even a mild discomfort can cause issues with concentration. Support your child’s health and wellness. Call 407-977-5005 to visit your Oviedo chiropractor today!