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Inflammation can be your friend

Inflammation can be your friend

Your body’s natural response to an infection or injury is inflammation. There are two different types of inflammation. Acute and chronic inflammation.  An example of acute is when you experience a sudden injury such as a twisted ankle or a scratch your body will begin to produce inflammation in the injured region. It is the body’s natural response to remove pathogens or protect a damaged joint. Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor usually gives the simple example of a sprain someone gets when running. The body creates swelling around the sprain to provide support. This acts like a natural sprint. Symptoms of redness, swelling and pain are often associated with inflammation Some swelling is considered healthy and helps the body to heal. The other type of inflammation is called “chronic inflammation.” This is when your body has a strong inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation may be caused from stress, diet, or abnormal/uneven joint pressure. Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor’s goal is to reduce joint inflammation in the body by realigning the joint and alleviating any pressure on the cartlidge between the joints and reduce inflammation which can compress the nerves. Chiropractic care along with a proper diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep to manage stress are just a few ways to reduce inflammation and prevent inflammatory disease.


Proper nutritional diet

Oviedo’s chiropractor, Dr. Ressler will give you nutritional advice and prescribe an anti-inflammatory diet. He will provide examples of meals that contain healthy proteins (lean meat and fish), vegetables and fruits. He may also suggest supplements such as fish oil or turmeric to reduce inflammation depending on your condition.

Exercise and Physical activity

Regular physical activity or exercise helps to relieve pain, reduce stress and improves your overall health. Physical activity along with stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and improves your flexibility. Flexible muscles allow you to have optimal range of motion in your joints. By having proper range of motion, your joints can move more efficiently, and you lower your risk of getting injured. Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor will prescribe specific stretches and exercises to maximize flexibility and control the inflammation process.  

Adequate Sleep to Reduce Stress

Another way in reducing stress in the body to prevent pain from inflammation is getting enough sleep.  allows your body to rest to alleviate stress more efficiently. Are you constantly waking up feeling sore and tired? Your sleeping position plays a major role in the quality of your sleep. It is important to sleep in ergonomically proper position. Sleeping on your back is Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler’s number one recommended position. However, the most common sleeping position tends to be on your side. If you are side sleeper, your head should stay centered to your shoulders parallel with the bed. Using your existing pillow and a towel under it will enable you to customize your head position. You can layer the towel to whatever thickness you need. You can achieve proper low back position by placing a pillow between your thighs so that your legs stay aligned while you rest.  If your top leg is unsupported and slides, it causes the hips to rotate forward. This creates lower back and hip pain because the spine is rotated during the duration of the night. Some other symptoms caused by improper sleep posture are fatigue, headaches, neck and back pain. Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor will recommend proper sleep ergonomics that will ensure you get a good night’s rest to help ward off stress. 

For a guide to a better quality of sleep, check out our blog by clicking the link below.


Chiropractic adjustments reduce inflammation

Dr. Ressler, Oviedo chiropractor, eliminates pain and inflammation by using the “activator technique.” The activator is a special adjusting instrument that is low force, precise and does not involve cracking or twisting. It is spring loaded and sends a gentle force into the joint to move it back into position. The activator technique is pain free and restores proper joint alignment. This alleviates pain and prevents inflammation from occurring. Whether you have an injury from an auto accident or want to improve your health and reduce inflammation, Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center’s Dr. Ressler has got you covered! Your Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Ressler, provides the latest advances in non-evasive pain-relieving chiropractic techniques. With over 21 years of experience, he will ensure you receive the customized treatment you need to reduce inflammation and get out of pain! Call 407-977-5005 to schedule your inflammation reducing adjustment today!