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Healthy Halloween Dinner

Healthy Halloween Dinner

Trick or treat you and your family with these delectable Halloween themed meals.

A night of trick or treating typically ends with lots and lots of candy. The focus may be on the sweets, but dinner should still have a primary part to play when it comes to Halloween edibles. Imagine that it’s Halloween night and you most likely only have got the costumes and candy route planned. The kiddos are ready to embark on the candy trail, leaving you with little time to figure out what you are going to make for dinner. Don’t fret! Oviedo Injury and Wellness Center has got you covered! Balancing out the splurge of sugar with a healthy and hearty Halloween dinner has never been so easy. OIWC recommends these recipes whether you are hosting a Halloween party or want to surprise the family with a ghoulishly delicious meal. Here are a few recipes to create a healthy spread that is sure to make your family feel “gourd.”



Veggie Skeleton

This recipe is very easy and is “skele-fun” to make.
It also makes a perfect appetizer for any Halloween occasion. The head and body of the skeleton are packed full of nutritious veggies such as cucumber, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. The best part is that the recipe is completely customizable. Any of the veggies can be substituted and you can boost flavor by including fresh herbs. Ranch dressing is recommended for the dipping sauce, but hummus is a great dairy-free alternative. “Bone appetite!”

For the complete recipe  Click here!


Main Course

Jack-o’-lantern chicken and rice stuffed peppers


This next recipe is inspired by Everyday Jenny, to the table. Orange bell peppers look just like jack-o-lanterns and the whole meal will “give em’ pumpkin to talk about!” With spicy shredded chick instead of ground beef and brown rice instead of white rice you can’t go wrong on the nutrition factor. They suggest cooking the chicken ahead of time or picking up a rotisserie chicken for an easier prep. It is also recommended to toast the brown rice in olive oil to bring out the flavor. Creating the jack-o-lantern face is simple to do by using a paring knife.  “Orange you excited for Halloween?”

Click here  for the complete recipe! 


Are you loving these recipes? Want more?

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